A close-up photo of Justin Lubin smiling.

Justin Lubin / Music (he/him)

In my free time, I like to compose music. Here are some of my compositions! All my pieces are composed in the wonderful, open-source music notation software MuseScore.

Stars () denote my current favorites.

The Shards of Mt. Lampora (Play!)

As my final project for the functional programming class that I took at the University of Chicago, I created The Shards of Mt. Lampora, a 2D platformer written using the Elm programming language featuring modular music that I composed myself.

As the player moves throughout the world and collects the shards it contains, the music responds dynamically. These musical details (along with some other information about the creation of the game) are further described in the brief presentation that I gave before demoing my game.

If you’d like, you can click here to play The Shards of Mt. Lampora! You can also view the source code for the game here and its sheet music here.