A close-up photo of Justin Lubin smiling.

Justin Lubin


Hi there! My name is Justin Lubin. I’m excited by programming languages, human-computer interaction, biology, social justice, music, and mathematics.

I am a third-year PhD student in computer science advised by Sarah E. Chasins at UC Berkeley, where I’m part of the Programming Systems Research Group. Previously, as an undergraduate at UChicago, I worked extensively with Ravi Chugh. I am very grateful for the fantastic mentorship of these two!

Currently, I’m immersing myself in the world of biology in the hopes of fostering a substantive, ongoing, and reciprocal relationship between the fields of programming languages and experimental biology.

In particular, I am simultaneously contributing to biological research and developing programming tools to empower biologists without much programming experience (or time to acquire it) to complete computational tasks they could not previously complete alone.

I am excited to be collaborating with the lovely folks of the Nuñez Lab in this endeavor!