A close-up photo of Justin Lubin smiling.

Justin Lubin (he/him)

Hi there! My name is Justin. I love programming languages, human-computer interaction, biology, social justice, music, art, and math—and I’m always happy to grow this list!

I am a PhD candidate in computer science advised by Sarah E. Chasins at UC Berkeley. Previously, I worked extensively with Ravi Chugh as an undergrad at UChicago. I am very grateful for the fantastic mentorship of these two and always strive to pay it forward.

In my research, I co-design programming systems with domain experts. These programming systems empower them to write the code they need with autonomy.

To make new user interactions possible in these systems, I develop programming language theory informed by what I learn from deeply embedding with domain experts and my mixed-methods human-computer interaction research.

Currently, I am immersing myself in the world of biology to foster a substantive, ongoing, and reciprocal relationship between the fields of programming languages and experimental biology. While I contribute to biology research alongside experimental biologists, a central question we together aim to answer is:

What would a programming system look like that empowers experimental biologists without much programming experience to produce code they need by themselves?

I am excited to be collaborating with the lovely folks of the Nuñez Lab in this endeavor!

Conference and Journal Publications

For more, please see my CV! (∗ = equal contribution, † = research mentee)