About Me

Hi, I’m Justin Philip Lubin! I love computer science, math, playing the piano, fencing, and crochet. Most of all though, I am passionate about education: not just learning great things for myself, but also teaching and sharing what I know with others.

I aspire to be a professor of computer science so that I will be able to combine two of my strongest passions: theoretical computer science and teaching—I am just as motivated and inspired by teaching others as I am by being on the cutting edge of research.

I just hope that one day I will be able to pay off the debt of gratitude that I have to all the wonderful people who have taught me in my life by passing on the knowledge that they have imparted to me to the next generation.

Some quick facts about me:

If you like what I write (for some weird reason…), then you should check out my portfolio and my GitHub account. I’m also on LinkedIn, if you’re curious.

Thanks for stopping by!